Lily Blackburn is a writer and editor based in Portland, Oregon.

After moving from Humboldt County, California, Lily studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Portland State University, earning her BA in 2017. In 2016 she became a reader for Typehouse Literary and a senior editor in 2017, providing feedback to submitting prose writers. She now independently edits and curates the Typehouse blog.

Lily currently facilitates a workshop called Write to Publish for The People’s Colloquium, a non-profit writer’s community where she is also an active board member.

Submitting your work for publication to literary magazines?

Lily edits short fiction and literary non-fiction, offering constructive feedback and detailed notes to help prepare short-form works for the submission process. Please email her at lilyblackburn93@gmail.com with a little about yourself, a description of your current project and where you’re “at” in the process of completing your draft.


Since 2018, Lily Blackburn has been my go-to editor for all of my writing projects. I write cross-genre, and Lily has provided astute feedback and thoughtful reflection on my poetry, essays, memoir, and nonfiction. With her guidance through the developmental editing process, I’ve moved past countless roadblocks in my writing process. She has a critical eye and catches all the typos, syntactical errors, and grammar issues. As a line editor, she is brilliant. I am incredibly grateful to be privy to her services, and I recommend Lily Blackburn to any writer in need of fresh perspective, thoughtful care, and deep edits.

-Julia Laxer, Portland-based poet, essayist and editor

Book review inquires can be sent to lilyblackburn93@gmail.com. She primarily reviews creative non-fiction and literary fiction.