Experience and Background:

Many of the people in my life would describe me as “plugged in,” which is hilarious because I more often than not feel “old” when it comes to the latest pop-culture trends, or what emoji’s “mean now.” However, I am proudly plugged in to books, literary magazines, readings, and happenings in the writing community. You could call it an obsession, or a passion. Often it looks like both. I want to use this obsession to connect with other writers, and connect people to writing resources that might help them on their writing path.

It all started when I moved to Portland and started finally calling myself a writer. After moving from Humboldt County, California to Portland in 2013, I studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Portland State University. I mostly focused on creative non-fiction courses after I failed to sign up for “Fiction 101” in time, therefore landing me in “Intro to Personal Essay.” It was there that my love for non-fiction and memoir began. I earned my BA in 2017, and while I primarily write creative non-fiction, I also studied fiction at Portland State, as well as Portland’s Attic Institute, and Catapult Co..

In 2016, I became a reader for Typehouse Literary, and then a senior editor in 2017. As a senior editor, I provided developmental feedback to submitting prose writers, addressing the most important issues, such as voice, structure, and character development, depending on the needs of the story. After three years of being a feedback editor, I wanted to focus more fully on non-fiction; I now independently edit and curate the Typehouse blog, where I work with magazine collaborator’s on short, creative essays on anything related to creativity and/or art.

I also facilitate a workshop called “Write to Publish” for The People’s Colloquium, a non-profit writer’s community where I am a board member, and community coordinator. “Write to Publish” began out of a desire to form a structured critique group with the added intention and focus on submitting our work.

Submitting, to be blunt, sucks, though having a supportive community where we set group deadlines, submission goals and strategies has taught me a lot about the importance of writing community and how necessary it is. I’ve also gotten a lot more comfortable with the submission process as a whole.

Submitting your work for publication to literary magazines?

I edit short fiction and creative non-fiction, offering constructive feedback and detailed notes to help prepare your short-form writing for the submission process. I will make line by line notes in your story document, as well as write a 1-2 page editorial letter including my thoughts and questions about your work. We will then schedule an online meet-up where we can go over my notes, and discuss your piece one-on-one. To set up a meeting and receive feedback on your work, please email me at lilyblackburn93@gmail.com with a little about yourself, a description of your current project and where you’re “at” in the process of completing your draft.

Client Testimonial:

Since 2018, Lily Blackburn has been my go-to editor for all of my writing projects. I write cross-genre, and Lily has provided astute feedback and thoughtful reflection on my poetry, essays, memoir, and nonfiction. With her guidance through the developmental editing process, I’ve moved past countless roadblocks in my writing process. She has a critical eye and catches all the typos, syntactical errors, and grammar issues. As a line editor, she is brilliant. I am incredibly grateful to be privy to her services, and I recommend Lily Blackburn to any writer in need of fresh perspective, thoughtful care, and deep edits. -Julia Laxer, Portland-based poet, essayist and editor

For a small, additional sum, I will develop a tiered submission plan for your work based on the work’s genre, length and upcoming deadlines, complete with a schedule for submitting that doesn’t leave you rushing.

If you have a novel, story collection or memoir you would like me to review, feel free to email me. I do not review poetry at this time.

Short Story/ Essay Editing:

$60 for up to 1,500 words

$90 for up to 3,000

$120 for up to 5,000 words

$150 for 5,000- 7,000 words

$200 for 7,000-10,000 words

For a customized submission plan and schedule including 15 deadlines: $45