Lily Blackburn

When I am not writing or editing for Typehouse magazine, you might find me panting on my bike, or slinging pastries at a bakery in Southeast Portland. You can check out the magic of Typehouse, here: If you would like to contact me for a review of poetry, creative non-fiction or literary fiction, please send an inquiry to

Inspo & Flash CNF

Is there a difference between flash fiction and flash nonfiction? I wrote the story “Vestibules” about 3.5 years ago in a class with Michael McGregor at Portland State. It didn’t look at all like the piece that it is now up at Little Fictions | Big Truths. To be honest, I never saw myself writing […]


Coffee People Zine: Issue 06

My flash fiction story, “The Wax” can now be read in the print issue of Coffee People, Issue 06! I am so, so honored to have my work in this zine. It’s about time there was a zine for and about the experiences of the folx behind the counter!! From barista interviews, to visual art, […]


“Some things are lacking.”

A favorite poem that I can’t stop re-reading by a new favorite poet. “Desunt Nonnula” by Kaveh Akbar. (copied and pasted from Bennington Review) If you haven’t read Calling A Wolf A Wolf… Do yourself a favor and read it! Desunt Nonnula means “some things are lacking.” It was the last line in a “continuous” poem […]