6 Word Memoirs & Ghost Selves

Reading old journals this morning in search of clarity…finding something else. It’s like reading a ghost of myself.

In April 2017 I took a personal essay class and we wrote 6-word memoirs as an exercise and shared them aloud. I think I chose to share #4 – which takes the cake.

The memoirs below; successful in that they still hold up; still very much preoccupied with modes of longing.

  1. Receives compliment: questions, overthinks, runs away.
  2. It’s okay, he says, you grew up with hurt.
  3. Small town soul, can’t leave city.
  4. I just want you to laugh.
  5. Searching for home, anywhere else.


Do you ever read old journals? Do you journal at all? Why/why not? As a writer I feel I have to record everything, but as I continue to meet writers in my community I find less and less people are interested in keeping them. Journaling- to me- feels so habitual I couldn’t see myself giving it up. And they make lovely closet stacks. 🙂

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